The 2011 Jimmy Choo Bridal Collection


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jimmy choo by rob greer and satc carrie wedding dress

Glitz, glamour and sheer girliness; it’s the Jimmy Choo bridal collection, which has been seen in variation this year on many red carpet walkers!  Investing in these show-stopping pieces of art can seem daunting, but for the special occasion of bridal bliss, there is no better time than now.  To truly take the edge off splurging an entire month’s rent on a single pair of gorgeous pumps, find the perfect pair that will work long after your wedding.  Have a long-lasting love affair by doing the dirty work during the shopping process.  Find your perfect pumps then match them with your favorite jeans and skirt.  Once you find your one and only, enjoy your happily ever after.


Jennifer Aniston in the Jimmy Choo “Lance”


Natalie Portman in the Jimmy Choo “Macy”


Leighton Meester in the Jimmy Choo “Zafira”


Diane Kruger in the Jimmy Choo “Vita”

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