The Bloom Is Off The Rose – What Now?


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There are only so many things you can do with long-stemmed flowers in vases – upgrading the vase to Lalique crystal and stuffing in a bouquet of stargazers is just about the apex of that experience. Outside of old-fashioned daisy chains, what else can you do with your wedding flowers?
We love this idea, via The Spiraled Stem: loose blooms. They used gorgeous Vendela rose blooms as accents everywhere from the buffet table to the wedding cake itself, and the effect is perfectly divine. We like the creamy white blossoms scattered about, but for an extra Bridezilla touch we say upgrade them to red, the color of love, happiness, and the fiery temper you’ll display if the wedding planner tries to convince you that a thousand blossoms aren’t feasible for decoration. Want to set the decor truly aflame? Mix in smaller blooms in shades of orange and yellow and sprinkle a little gold glitter on each for a truly eye-catching look.

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