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Sure, we might prefer the heart-crushing combo of skirts and stilettos, but for casual comfort, where’s a Bridezilla to turn? Last season’s Juicy Couture tracksuits have been trash-compacted, and Hollywood’s not tricking us like that again, we swear. (Ugg boots, the grudge will never be forgotten.)
Thus begins the dawn of denim: there are simply too many great brands of jeans out there for Bridezilla’s like us to miss. Sevens have become more sorority girl than red carpet ready, but don’t fret, there are other options out there for the discerning denim customer. Don’t just stumble blindly into the Levi’s-strewn abyss, follow our advice for jeans so fab you’ll be wearing them everywhere.


Antik: We like the visual interest in the pockets front and back on these Embroidered Pocket Tab jeans; Antik is the best for interesting pocket details that make your ass look great. And hey, not that anyone would mess with you anyway, but it never hurts to inject a little extra “RAWR” into your step with a pair of Skull Pocket jeans, a handy way to indicate to boys who might ogle the Bridezilla backside that they’d better keep on moving. (Not mention they have some fantastic shoes to complement said jeans.)


Rock & Republic: We love the Kasandra cut in beaded Whiskey Blue or perfectly light blue Moloko; they’re the perfect boot cut and they make even the thighs of the office-sedentary look divine. We’re also suckers for a good sparkly back pocket and R&R bring that in spades with shades of gold or a simple unostentatious logo, which fits right with the Bridezilla philosophy of tone it down or go all out, because the middle ground is average and boring and who needs that?


Diesel: Diesel excels at skinny jeans; what did we wear before the Diesel Matics? We can’t remember, really. They’re rock star perfect enough for Les Deux but fit work equally well with a Le Tigre polo for a day out shopping for wedding favors. Casual Friday calls for the Livs and Varvatos Converse, a look you can take just as easily to the baseball game you’re accompanying the fiance to in exchange for a night at the ballet.
But Bridezilla can’t live on fabulous denim alone; here are a few recommended accessories to complete your look.


Rock & Republic “Riffin” Blazer: Not that we’d ever compare a fine piece of clothing like this to a really bad hillbilly haircut, but this blazer is pretty much business in the front and a party in the back. It’s just the thing to dress up a pair of jeans while still keeping it party-ready.


Balenciaga Portefeuille Wallet: Leave the outsized bag at home in favor of this adorably buckled pocket-sized wallet.


LAMB Spectator Pumps: Wear them out with skinny jeans, dress them up with pencil skirts, or just set them in your closet and caress them sweetly. These leather, canvas, and snakeskin spectators are everything we could want in a shoe; if we could teach them to mow the lawn, we might just call the wedding off.

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