Top 10 Bridezilla Weddings of the Decade


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We’re on the brink of a new decade! During the last ten years, we’ve seen some of the most extravagant weddings ever. Before the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins, let’s take a look back at the best bridezilla weddings of the decade.

10. Star Jones

star jones wedding picture bridezilla.jpg
The ultimate bridezilla got her 2004 wedding to Al Reynolds sponsored by plugging products on The View. How tacky. Three years later, she divorced because she was “tired of footing the bill.” Um….

9. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes isn’t the bridezilla, it’s Tom Cruise. Long ago, we gave him the title of biggest bridezilla of all time because of his Napoleon complex and control issues. Katie can’t even wear heels! His couch jumping proclamation of love started it all. TomKat got their storybook ending with a grand $2 million dollar wedding in Lake Bracciano, Italy. The couple spent $180,000 on wine and champagne. Groan.

8. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

Only a detail-oriented bridezilla could pull off this fairytale wedding. Simpson had to be one of those girls who carried a wedding binder around in high-school. To add to her bridezilla street cred, Simpson wrote a book about having a celebrity-style wedding on a budget, titled I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding. (There was nothing “cheap” at her wedding, except for Lachey) The couple divorced a few years later.

7. Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar

Hurley was rumored to have worn 13 different dresses at her $2.5 million dollar wedding to Arun Nayar. More than two dresses makes you a bridezilla in our book.

6. Speidi

heidi-montag-spencer-pratt-wedding bridezilla.jpg
One Hollywood name, two weddings, countless reality shows. Need we say more? There’s no question in our minds that Speidi is one of the biggest bridezillas of the decade, after all, in 2008 we awarded Spencer bridezilla of the year. But who’s the bigger bridezilla, Spencer or Heidi?

5. Melania Knauss and Donald Trump

knausstrump wedding bridezillas.jpg
Donald Trump does everything big, so it’s no surprise that he went for the big bridezilla wedding. The couple spent a whopping $500,000 on flowers that likely wilted days later. Try and Trump that.

4. Madonna and Guy Ritchie

madonna+and+guy ritchie wedding.jpg
Madonna and Guy Ritchie had a $1.5 million dollar wedding in the year 2000 at Skibo Castle in Scotland. Always the trend setter, after Madonna’s Scottish soiree, castle weddings were en vogue. The couple divorced in 2008.

3. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Remember how much everyone adored Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt? Their wedding was a lavish $1 million dollar Hollywood soiree with champagne and lobster. The star-studded guest list included Cameron Diaz and Courteney Cox. Sadly, America’s favorite couple divorced in 2006.

2. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

They spent $100,000 on mouth watering Godiva Chocolate wedding favors and he proposed with a 10-carat marquise diamond. On their wedding day, the Mumbles in Swansea, Catherine’s birthplace lined the streets with flags and banners. You know you’re a bridezilla if your hometown has a small parade for your wedding!

1. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

tiger_woods-elin-marriage - wedding.jpg
$1.5 million dollar wedding in 2004. A reception featuring entertainment by Hootie and the Blowfish. A massive fireworks display and a-list celebrity guests. What happened during the vows that lead to Woods cheating with nasty diner waitresses five years later? Money can’t buy true love!

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  2. Hmm … want another candidate for a Bridezilla wedding of the decade? Ty this one:

    Vanisha Mittal, daughter of Indian tycoon Lakshmi Mittal. Want to know how much her wedding cost? Try $78 million. That’s right, her wedding cost as much as a medium sized hospital here in the UK. The wine bill alone ran to $1.5 million. There are entire African countries that have a smaller GDP than this.


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