Top Five Fall 2007 Wedding Stationery Trends


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Fall is approaching and there’s nothing like some fresh new stationery to set the mood for the season of crunchy leaves. Now that you know the importance of written Bridezilla sentiments, fabulous stationery is a must. Bridezilla previewed the latest designer wedding invitation lines from Merrimade to bring you the very best trends for autumn 2007.

Personalization goes Pint-Size. What could be more Victorian than the return of calling cards? Perhaps only the Victorian icon Miss Alice herself, curiously eating cakes that turned her teeny-tiny. On that note, this fall 2007, love turns Lilliputian as we see wedding cake shrunk to individual cupcakes, bouquets distilled to single blooms and wedding invitations including these new chic Kate Spade calling cards from Merrimade. Bridezilla is dialing Kate Spade now to tell her we hope dance cards are next!

Clashing is Cool. Bridezillas have already mastered the art of cool clashing when it comes to fashion, so why not apply this chic twist to your wedding invites? Pairing unlike patterns as you see here isn’t for amateurs, but done tastefully it looks stylish, daring and unexpected.
Multi-colored Monograms. Your wedding may be the one chance you get to see your name in fairy lights, so when it comes to rocking your special insignia at your wedding, why settle for one single color? Monograms don’t have to mean monochrome, so mix it up with signature colors, like Bridezilla did here.
Sizzling Safari.Now that fall is approaching, Bridezilla is on the prowl for florals that look fierce, not fussy. A chic safari-inspired print accomplishes a more modern look than the maidenly blooms of past years, and thus are a great way to give you nuptials an edgy update. Bridezillas everywhere can say “welcome to the wedding jungle” with this chic set from the wedding maven herself, Miss Vera Wang. Know some other great safari stationery? Give a rarr in the comments below.
Bridezilla By Any Other Name. A Bridezilla by any other name is just as fabulous, so why not mix up the monogram look by doing variations of your name on all your wedding-related stationery? For example, on the bridal shower invites and partyware you could go informal with your first name or childhood nickname, then use initials for the wedding invite envelope, and complete the motif by putting your full name on the enclosure. This is a fun way to keep guests guessing which name you’ll pull out next, and add a fresh twist on the monogram trend which otherwise feels a little tired.

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