Top Ten Wedding Trends to Toss in 2008


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1) Pink and Brown. This once omnipotent it-scheme has been so prevalent over the past few year’s bridesmaid dresses, invitations and reception settings, that it now feels juvenile and dated. Bridezilla says: spare the espresso lest you want guests snickering over your “so 2007” wedding.

2) Marrying Down. This was one big trend of 2007, and we are way over it! From Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon to Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil, potentially lovely ladies are getting dragged down by scruffy male mates. Bridezilla predicts 2008 is the big year for egalitarian marriages, so check out our gallery of power couples for inspiration.

3) The steeple-esque solitaire. In 2008, we see the era of the Paris Hilton paperweight diamond coming to an end, as flatter, chunkier rings comes into play. Bridal jewelry that could double as brass knuckles in a pinch? Yes please! Plus, this New York Times article reassures Bridezilla that these chunkier rings are less pointy, but no less pricey. Phew!

4) The veil. We have to say, Bridezilla can’t really condone the whole burqa effect, even when it is made from something shimmery and shiny. A little bridal hat adds the same panache, and is so much more fresh and funky.

5) Food stations. In 2008, munchies are for your stoned eighteen-year-old brother, not the most elegant day of your life. This year sees the return of long, low-lit sit-down dinners, with multiple courses and time for more than just cocktail conversation.

6) The raunchy bachelorette party. This is one trend Bridezilla is happy to wave goodbye to! Body shots, mechanical bulls, and big sugary drinks are so spring break! We’d much rather indulge in a hot new trend, like a design-your-own handbag party or other crafty fun.

7) Cupcake wedding cakes. The little dainty confections have had their day, but now its time to move over in favor of moist, decadent yummy cake once again. Tiramisu, tortes, cheesecake, and green tea cake are just a few yummy options to take your cake into 2008.

8) The Tux. As the age of the metrosexual continues, Bridezilla is happy to see grooms stepping out of the penguin suit in favor of preppie pinstripes, beachy Hawaiian flowers, or metro metallic ties. Keep it up guys!

9) Sweetheart necklines. While a sweet splice of cleavage used to be the order of the day, the neckline favored by Jessica Simpson is being ousted in favor of sheer illusion necklines. These sexy see-through panels are alluring, exotic and unbelievably modern.

10) White Wedding Dresses. In fact, the big showstopper for this season is…drumroll please! The black wedding dress. All the rage on the Paris catwalk, Bridezilla predicts its only a matter of time before this red-hot (or should we say black-hot) trend makes it across the pond. The reasoning is simple: black offers the same chic, goes-with-everything elegance of white, with twice the body-flattering and half the spill-risk. We say, brilliant!

Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Pair with heavy white accessories to minimize fashion whiplash.

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