Weird Wedding #9: Cream Puff Couture


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Aww, what could be sweeter than a groom making his bride’s gown? A groom who is a professional chef making his bride’s gown out of cream puffs of course!

Substituting satin and lace for sugar and spice, zany Ukranian Baker Valentyn Shtefano made his bride Viktorya’s dress out of 1,500 cream puffs (flour, eggs, sugar, and caramel, specifically). Those Ukranians know their accessories, as the chef was also savvy enough to whip her up a crown, bouquet and necklace out of caramelized sugar. Bridezilla says, bon appetit!

A true labor of love for both parties, the bride valiantly debuted all twenty pounds of the cream puff creation it took the groom two months to create. The pair wed in Uzhhorod’s 1,200-old-castle on August 27.

The Bridezilla verdict: If fashion be the food of love, sashay on!

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