Two Birds: The best thing since bridesmaid separates (Which, let's face it, were never that great)


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Every now and then in the jaded world of weddings, you hearken on something truly amazing. I can honestly say this is one of those times. Without further ado….Bridezilla reveals…a bridesmaid dress you can ACTUALLY wear again.

The beauty of this concept is its complexity disguised as simplicity. This amazing wrap dress from TwoBirds can be worn ten different ways-ten, we tell you! Each bridesmaid simply twists, tucks, and ties the dress into their preferred necklines. This fashion statement is an unparalleled advance toward wedding party diplomacy. No more bitter battles between sweetheart and strapless. The waif bridesmaid and the womanly shaped matron of honor can now declare a plunging-neckline peace treaty. And best of all, these bridesmaid dresses are seriously cute!

Not only is this dress great for different body shapes, it is a brilliant fix for ever-evolving wedding weather. Tie the straps behind your back for instant summery strapless, or cover up with a hasty halter to beat the autumn chill.

It’s not often you see something truly new and ingenious in weddingland, so Bridezilla is happy to present TwoBirds ten-style wrap bridesmaid dress. Check them out here.

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