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Bridezillas have a sense of humor…especially when it comes to other people’s weddings. In this Fail Blog worthy-find, one of our team members was scouring the shelves of a local store on the hunt for a wedding card to accompany a wedding gift. She found a fancy white and ivory glitter embossed Disney’s Cinderella card, priced at a modest $4.95.

Here is the front. Pretty run of the mill messaging. The horses and carriage. The fairy tale….

Here’s the inside. On the left, Cinderella and Prince Charming dance lovingly away into Happily Ever After amongst a cloud of opalescent glitter and stars. On the right, the following message:

“I believe in magic, in happy-ever-afters and fantasies that really do come true ~ For seeing is believing, and I have living proof because I found forever love in you.


1 thought on “Wedding Card Fail”

  1. Well, any unmarried woman who receives this card from her boyfriend/fiance also had the poor judgment to date the guy that gave it to her.

    Besides, everyone knows that cards are for birthdays. The only proper delivery mechanism for a proposal is peeing in freshly fallen snow. That takes forethought AND talent.


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