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When it comes to weddings, bridezillas dream big. Really big. And way beyond the budget (budget? snort). So how do you live large without cracking that precious nest egg? You rent. That’s right. You can acquire extravagant acts,  exotic animals, and aquatic centerpieces for your big day. No muss. No fuss. No schlepping a snow leopard across town.

It’s a wedding world yet to be explored. Presenting…the 5 coolest wedding accessories you don’t have to buy:

1. A Bubble Machine

Those bubble blower wedding favors? So last year. This machine spits out enough bubbles that your wedding venue looks like a gigantic bathtub.  You’ll have one sudsy soiree and those annoying toddlers will be entertained through the whole reception.

Where to get it: Bubble machine rental available here.

2. An Elephant

Nothing makes an entrance quite like an elephant. That’s right. It’s good luck (as long as its trunk stays up) and it arrives clad in an ornate wedding saddle.  Makes your friend’s handsome cab getaway look cheap and cliche.

Where to get it: Elephant rental available here. Or sometimes at your local zoo.

3. Friends and Family

Did you tick off your friends and family with your unbridled  rage? Don’t worry, you can rent replacement stand ins. Uninvite Aunt Edna and pad your guest list with actors glamorous as Gatsby. It costs 2,000 yen ( about $200) and only available in Japan through a company called Office Agents. Photo: Trendhunter.com

Bridezilla tip: If you’re really desperate to fill those barren tables, we’re sure you could create a Craiglist ad and hire a few actors yourself.

Wanted: Charming, young, eloquent men and women to star in bridezilla’s wedding day as a guest. Free meal included. Previous dancing experience required.

4. Chandeliers

Chandeliers can make a fluorescent-lit VFW Hall look like a glittering luxury locale.  Rent them. But don’t try and hang them yourself unless you happen to be 50-feet tall.

Where to get it: We’re not sure where you live so just google the chandelier rental places in your area. Obvi! Or you could go all bridezilla and rent the biggest mobile chandelier in the world here.

5. Really Expensive Jewelry

Forget the fake pearls. Real brides where real diamonds. If you’re going to look like a million bucks, you need to be wearing a million bucks. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: jewelry rental is fabulous. Ghetto fabulous.

Where to get it: Adorn Brides is a great place to lease luxurious jewelry.

4 thoughts on “5 Cool Wedding Accessories You Can Rent”

  1. Hello, Bridezilla!

    What an amazing and humorous post this is – renting actors to pose as friends and family, with previous dancing experience nonetheless!

    Renting nice jewelry for one’s wedding seems like a good idea. It can either be perceived as “ghetto fabulous” or just fabulously smart. Hey, pictures don’t tell secrets! 😉

    Thanks again for today’s big laugh, and have a wonderful rest of your “Wedding Wednesday!”
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