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Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to Marc Mezvinsky might be the bridezilla event of the century.  Or at least, the summer.  It’s so big (500 person guest list) and so expensive (at least $2 mill) that they made the airspace above Astor Courts a no-fly- zone for a half-hour just so the ‘zilla can say her vows in semi-privacy. And so no one gets a sneak peak at the nuptials.

Wedding blogs are all a’twitter with rumors about the cost (up to a cool $5 mil.),  the dress (Wang or De La Renta), and venue (in Rheinback, New York). But when it comes to this bridezillionare wedding, trust us to make some pretty accurate predictions. We’ve been following the Chelsea Clinton wedding for awhile now.

Predictions for the Chelsea Clinton Wedding

Bill Clinton cries. He may not be the best husband, but Bill Clinton is a wonderful father who has always tried to shelter his only daughter from the blinding spotlight.  During his presidency, he refused to be interviewed by anyone in the press who dare criticize the young, awkward Chelsea. Expect a single tear to roll down his cheek  during the ceremony.  (Democrats are more emotional than Republicans).

Father-daughter dance: Unforgettable by Natalie Cole.

A simply chic and star-studded soiree. Don’t expect a down-home Jenna Bush-style  party. The wedding will be “lovely and traditional,” predicts Claudia Hanlin, the Founder and President of The Wedding Library.

Chelsea’s dress: No frills. No sparkles. A classic, simple Vera Wang

Obama will make an appearance. It will be the most star-studded soiree since the Oscars. The guest list is rumored to include: Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg, former British Prime Minister John Major, Ted Turner and even President Barack Obama.

Bridezilla would bet money that if he’s not handling that pesky oil spill or some other world tragedy, Obama makes an appearance. Swoon.

The Ceremony: Short, sweet, and non-denominational.

The reception: Low-key, elegant, but fun with a  jazz band. Will Bill Clinton steal the sax and the show? Tune in to Bridezilla for full coverage of the wedding.

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  1. Everyone is making a fuse over the 5 million dollar wedding budget but these people are millionaires. What do Americans think the budget was going to be. By the way some celebrities spend way more than that on their nuptials.

  2. It’s their only child and they can afford it so why not? They have given away more money that I’ll ever earn in a lifetime so I don’t think they can be faulted for a lavish wedding. Barack Obama won’t be attending; I heard him say 2 Presidents at wedding would be too much.


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