Wedding Dress Designer Spotlight: Monique Lhuillier


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We’re already strapping on our comfiest platforms for a pilgrimage to the new Monique Lhuillier flagship store on dream address Melrose Place – we’ve loved her fabulously feminine designs since she outfitted a pre-trainwreck Britney Spears for her wedding. While we’re psyched to see her gorgeous evening wear and brand-new collection of china, what we’d really give our left Manolo for is a chance to check out her October 21st bridal show in New York. In the meantime, we’ll comfort ourselves with a look at Lhuillier’s greatest wedding dress hits.

It’s rare that we say this, but we’d wear pretty much any of these gowns, so it was difficult to narrow down our favorites. Bridezilla’s here for you though, bravely soldiering on down the battlefield to matrimonial bliss. Um, we mean the aisle. Observe our uniforms of choice:


This glittery confection has our hearts beating fasting from flirty neckline to fluttering hem. The beading is rescued from heaviness by a feather-light lower half that looks as soft and fairy-weight as fluffy clouds. Are we a bit romanced? We admit it, we are.


This frock, meanwhile, is anchored to Earth with a slate-grey sash that neatly cuts the look in two and saves it from an overdose of sparkle. Maybe it’s just the fierce model it’s adorning, but we feel like this gown may carry an additional promise of death by sequin if anyone gets in the bride’s way – and we like it.


For those who favor a more traditional satin look, we love this silvery gown with beaded straps and a cut that’s almost pinup girly. We’d pair it with a sleek updo adorned with a bright red rose, scarlet lips, and possibly a matching bouquet.


If your tastes run more toward the goddess end of the spectrum (or – dare we say it – you’ve got a mini Bridezilla in the offing), try this softly flowing empire waist wedding dress. We love the detailing at the sweetheart neckline; it’s just enough to make this dress more altar-bound than Parthenon-perfect. On top of that, it actually looks comfortable. A wedding dress you can spend all night dancing in? A gift from the gods, indeed.

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