Friday Photo Fun: Pretty Parasols and Breathtaking Umbrellas

Posted by on 29 May, 2009

Toss the bouquet and pick up bridezilla’s favorite accessory: the wedding umbrella! These gorgeous wedding pictures might change your opinion about rain on your wedding day.
umbrella art installation shanghai.jpg
Photo found at
blue spf parasol.jpg
Photo by Shade!
bride with parasol camille styles.jpg Photo by CamilleStyles.
umbrella kalandraka.jpg Photo by Kalandrakas.

wet bride and groom max klingensmith.jpg Photo byMax Klingensmith.
stormy bride.jpgPhoto by Dr. Will Return
umbrellas colored b and white a taridona.jpg
Photo by A Taridona.
bride and groom rain arica,charley.jpg
Photo by BlhPhotography.

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  1. On 11 Jun, 2009, meg4fancast said:

    Hi! Love this site. Just wanted to let you know that Fancast has the ‘Best Of’ Bridezillas now. You can even embed it into your site. Check it out-

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  2. On 12 Jun, 2009, Jenny said:

    They are sooo beautiful! The most important day of life. I like the traditional ones more…

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  3. On 19 Jun, 2009, cassie said:

    oooh wow dis is a pretty asian wedding…i forgot how well did go/decorate when it comes 2 special occasions….

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  4. On 29 Jan, 2010, lastchaos gold said:

    I know you have seen these folks who seem to be able to get levels fast in World Of Warcraft and race to level 70 with lightning speed.

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