Wedding Planning & Tips

Wedding planning tips for the grand marquee of matrimony. Sparkle like diamonds in a love-struck sky! Here, we spill the secrets to navigating the nuptial seas with flair and finesse. From crafting the most captivating vows to selecting a venue that whispers romance at every turn, we’ve got the golden nuggets of wisdom that will elevate your big day to the heights of fabulousness. So, take my hand, and let’s twirl through the tips that make tying the knot a piece of (wedding) cake!

Questlove Instagram Photos of David Cross and Amber Tamblyn Wedding

Social Media Weddings: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Whether you love or loathe Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media channels that are springing up, there ...

Moving Boxes

Guest Post: Mine vs. Yours – How to Combine Your Stuff Without Killing Each Other


It should be incredibly exciting to make a home together with your new husband. All those glittering new gifts to ...

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Guest Post: Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride


How To Handle It When All Your Friends Are Getting Married. If you’re single, you might experience conflicting emotions when ...

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Guest Post: 6 Month Guide to Planning Your Wedding


Some of us dream about (and plan for) our weddings from the moment we’re told our first fairy tales. Others ...

Is "Dry Wedding" an Oxymoron?


Invitations and Expectations When I RSVP “yes” to a wedding, I feel that I am entering into a social contract ...

Wedding ceremony chairs

6 Things Not to Do at a Wedding


No matter how many articles are written on wedding etiquette, there will always be the drunk uncle.  He’s a lost ...

Wedding Rain Out by Flickr user Sister72

Guest Post: 6 Signs That Your Destination Wedding Vendor Is Terrible


One of the biggest problems with hiring a vendor from afar is that you never know how reputable they are, or ...

Diamond Engagement Ring

7 Celebrity Couples Who Said ‘I Don’t’


It’s never a happy event when an engagement ends.  All that initial excitement and promise turns to just so much ...

Venice Wedding Theme

Guest Post: How to Balance a Traditional White Wedding with a Unique Flavor


Despite the fact that it’s the year 2012, many brides are still opting for traditional wedding elements. However, they also ...

Destination Wedding

Guest Post: Planning a Destination Wedding


So you’ve got your wedding budget finally set, and you’re excited to see what kind of gigantic party you can ...