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Wedding planning tips for the grand marquee of matrimony. Sparkle like diamonds in a love-struck sky! Here, we spill the secrets to navigating the nuptial seas with flair and finesse. From crafting the most captivating vows to selecting a venue that whispers romance at every turn, we’ve got the golden nuggets of wisdom that will elevate your big day to the heights of fabulousness. So, take my hand, and let’s twirl through the tips that make tying the knot a piece of (wedding) cake!

Experience Gifts

Guest Post: Outside the Box Wedding Gift Ideas


You got to the registry too late and everything is out of your price range and picked over, or you ...

Indian bride signing marriage license signature

Guest Post – Organizing Your Wedding: Tips for Every Culture


When you are planning your wedding, the stress can become overwhelming. Before you know it, what is supposed to be ...

Masquerade party wedding reception

Guest Post: 4 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas


There are a lot of traditions associated with weddings, and doubtless you’ll horrify someone if you don’t stick with at least ...

Bridezilla’s new look


For a while now, this Bridezilla’s felt like she was a little out-of-date, style-wise.  Last season’s fonts, last year’s color ...

Bridesmaids Flyer

Should Your Bridal Party Go Down in History?


Well, if it should, it could!  A major cable television network is seeking fun, outgoing bridal parties who live in the ...


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Wedding Favors You’ll Fall in Love With


Those little baubles and trinkets to take home after the wedding are what help keep the memories alive for guests.  ...