Celebrity Perfume Ads to Inspire a Wedding


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Designers and celebrities go arm-in-arm these days.  From models-turned-household names to red carpet actresses who can carry a gorgeous gown better than anyone I know, these photographic women are helping push the designer perfume industry to new heights.  In their individual campaigns, they range from urban chic to evening sleek.  Each of their styles can be used as a muse for finding the perfect wedding dress, reception dress and a post-wedding date night dress.  Re-discover the beauty and inspiration.

The Bachelorette Party


It’s a big night for you and your girlfriends.  Don’t bother staying in to watch movies and do pedicures, go all out and celebrate the exciting life you are about to embark on.  It’s a time for dressing up in a little number that softly floats around you and radiates the ecstatic, living-in-the-moment glow you just can’t help but exude.  You’re just oh, so very irresistible.

Your muse: Liv Tyler in Givenchy’s Eau de Parfum Sensuelle campaign

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress


The rehearsal dinner calls for a more reigned in and refined look than the let loose fun times of the bachelorette bash.  Keep it modern and pulled together with a form-fitting strapless dress.  Channel your inner Parisian with an effortlessly glamorous look.  A structured dress, a slimming jacket and purposefully mussed hair will do the trick nicely.

Your muse: Kate Moss in Yves Saint Laurent’s Parisienne campaign

The Wedding Dress


Your big moment, the monumental trading of vows in front of your dearest family and friends, should go down with a bang.  Take the spotlight in a voluminous gown with eye-catching, daring accessories and a billowing sash that trails you down the aisle.  Make the dress you covet a reality for a day you will never forget.

Your muse: Sarah Jessica Parker in Sarah Jessica Parker’s Covet campaign

The Reception Dress


Now you’re married happily ever after.  The pressure is off and you can blissfully glide through your reception with a sense of dreamy romance.  Let there be cake and lots of it as you make your newly married debut in a fun party frock.  Now is a great time for a festive splash of color; pink is perfect for a love-drunk newlywed.  Now it’s all la vie en rose, ma chérie.

Your muse: Maryna Linchuk (I know she’s not exactly a celebrity) in Dior’s Miss Dior Chérie campaign

The Date Night Dress


Settling in to the routine of married life does not mean letting go of date night.  Keep the romance alive with special nights where you can become completely absorbed in each other once again and not be distracted by work, phones or TV.  This is a night of pure regal luxury, a night out on the town.  Don a body skimming gown with just a touch of sparkle from some well-place diamonds and toast to your new life together.

Your muse: Nicole Kidman in Chanel’s Chanel No. 5 campaign

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    • So glad you enjoyed it! Side note, Liv doesn’t actually have a perfume (that I know of), she’s just the face that brings Givenchy’s Sensuelle alive for us. She’s sort of unexpected, but turns out to be a perfect fit.

    • This is true if you make your own clothing and perfumes. Otherwise, why wouldn’t you wear a designer fragrance if you want to?


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