This Year’s Biggest Weddings (Part II)


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There were so many engagements within the celebrity world last year that we needed a two-part post to cover just some of them.  Part I covered some of the more, shall we say regal, engagements.  Part II takes on a few of our favorite tabloid darlings to help spice things up.  Again, for clarification, these are last year’s engagements, which will hopefully blossom into this year’s much talked about weddings.  Let the bridezilla behavior begin!*

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris


This winter-spring romance is destined to last a lifetime; Hefner’s lifetime, that is.  Having entered Hefner’s world while he was on the rebound from his breakup to Girls Next Door stars Holly, Kendra and Bridget, Harris quickly became the “Number One” girlfriend.  In a rush to finally divorce his wife, whom he has been separated from for 11 years, the Playboy Prince is all set to marry his bunny.

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller


It may not be beauty and the beast, but it certainly is pretty and the geek.  Funnyman of the films Pineapple Express and The Green Hornet, Seth Rogen has finally popped the question to his longtime girlfriend and sometimes actress in his films, Lauren Miller.  These two creative types, both being actors, writer and producers, should have quite the entertaining marriage.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Joey Kern


Big Love star Ginnifer Goodwin and fellow actor Joey Kern met through a set-up by a mutual friend.  It stuck and two years later the couple has just announced their brand new engagement.  Kern designed the ring for Goodwin himself and presented it over the 2010 holidays.  The latest news is that they plan to wed this autumn.

Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian


The new storybook romance: both Eddie and Leann were married when they met on the set of their made-for-TV movie Northern Lights.  Sparks flew and both left their spouses for their newfound coupledom.  After countless Twitter battles between Leann and Eddie’s ex-wife, followed by denied engagements and pregnancies, the couple has finally confirmed that they are indeed on their way to happy matrimony.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard


Quickly becoming the new rom-com queen, Kristen Bell has helped shape her fame through the films Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Couples Retreat and When in Rome.  Dax has popped up in My Name is Earl, Knocked Up and Bell’s very own 2010 starring vehicle When in Rome.  The couple met in 2007 and have been going strong ever since.

Christina Applegate and Martyn LeNoble


Applegate, who will always be remembered in some way for better or worse as Kelly Bundy, has found love the second time around with Dutch musician Martyn LeNoble.  Together since 2008, the couple became engaged on Valentine’s Day 2010.  To complete the family portrait, they will welcome their first child together this January.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson


Jessica Simpson is forever the brunt of jokes, but she has managed to stay on the fame radar, build a well-priced accessories and clothing empire and has now found love once again.  In this whirlwind romance, Simpson started her courtship with Johnson in May of 2010 and by November the two pledged to walk down the aisle together.  At the speed they’re going, expect a wedding in 3…2…

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo


Lachey’s ex-wife Jessica Simpson may have had a string of bad romances before finding her new Mr. Right, but Lachey found Minnillo in a split second.  After his divorce in 2005, Lachey wrote a song in which Minnillo starred in 2006.  After several years of dating and endless tabloid photos, the couple revealed their engagement just a week before Jessica Simpson announced hers.  No rivalry; none at all.

*We’re officially rebranding “bridezilla” to represent a strong and decisive woman who doesn’t settle for less.  The now passé image of an overbearing, difficult and unpleasant psychopath is dead and gone.

In the plaque-worthy words of the awesome Tina Fey in response to people calling Hillary Clinton a bitch:

“Yeah, she is.  So am I […].  You know what, bitches get stuff done.”

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