Eva Longoria Gets Back Into Our Good Graces


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Darlings, if you mean to make a sex tape, please go about it this way:
The recently wed Eva Longoria made her point with this parody video: celeb sex tapes are tawdry and too painfully numerous. Although we didn’t like her wedding, we recognize that million-dollar nondescript nuptials can happen to any Bridezilla, and she does display the key Bridezilla trait of startling wit. So long as she keeps up with clever moments like this and fabulous frocks besides, we’re inclined toward eventual forgiveness.
On the sex tape note, we say if you want to keep your marriage spicy, take a page from Dita’s book with a saucy burlesque striptease or a pin-up shot or two to tuck into his briefcase – the latter at least keeps you clothed enough to get you a free pass should future houseguests come upon your precious Polaroids.

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