Ten Tips For Living With Ten Husbands


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Thumbnail image for grooms.jpg Via Aisledash, here’s a heartwarming story of a woman so addicted to being Bridezilla that she got married ten times – unfortunately, she neglected to get divorced in between. While we’re addicted to certain aspects of wedding planning ourselves (oh, the cake tasting diet), we still don’t think we could get into the marriage-for-pay scheme that Miami resident Eunice Lopez was engaged in. After all, what does one do with ten husbands?
Actually, we can think of a few things…
What To Do With Ten Husbands
1. Form a sports team of some kind. Then, trade them for millions.
2. Make them compete in competitions like you’re on a reality show. Obstacle course! Keep one set aside to bring you drinks as you watch the fray.

3. Use them as bodyguards. Wear big sunglasses wherever you go. Give a few of them cameras to act as your personal paparazzi.
4. Rent them out. We’re not saying start a male prostitution ring…come on. The proper term is “escort service.”
5. Why get one opinion on how great those pants make your ass look when you can get ten?
6. Spending the money of one husband isn’t a challenge. Neither is the spending the money of two or three. Ten, though – that’s a Bridezilla-worthy event.
7. Who else on your block has a harem?
8. Forget hiring cocktail waiters for your next party – dress up the prettiest ones in tuxes and send them around with canapes.
9. Hiring a staff is so last century. Marriage certificates mean they’ll never try to hit you up for a higher salary.
10. We’re just saying…throw your vibrator away.

1 thought on “Ten Tips For Living With Ten Husbands”

  1. Bridezilla, you just made me snort my Chardonnay, damn you ­čśë
    I’m now going to have to seriously consider expanding my husband collection. You’ve given some great reasons, and who’s going to disagree? Nobody, that’s who!


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