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Are you new to Bridezilla? Maybe you’ve met one of us roaming the streets and you couldn’t resist coming in for a glimpse of the Bridezilla lifestyle. However you’ve arrived, come in and stay! Here are some favorites past and present to introduce you to the snakeskin stiletto-shod world of Bridezilla.

Essays and Exposes:
Bridezilla Reveals: The Inconvenient Truth About Green Weddings
Bridezilla Hall of Fame: The Most Misunderstood Brides of All Time
Bridezilla Beware: 5 Hidden Factors That Ruin a Wedding
Top Ten Things Beneath Bridezilla
The Bridezilla Guide To Bouncing Back From A Broken Engagement
The Secret Day of the Week That All Wedding Planners Are Talking About
How To Distinguish Between Cold Feet and The Real Thing
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Being Bridezilla (What We Wear and Where We Go):
What To Wear:

Bridalize Your Look
We Pledge Allegiance To The Heels of the United States of Bridezilla
The Best Bridal Lingerie for Every Body Type
Four Best Destination Wedding Dresses
What To Wear For Your First Five Wedding Anniversaries
Bridezilla Dream Destinations:
Lake Como
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