Bridezilla Protects Her Assets


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Oh Double Stick Fashion Tape – how did we ever live without it? We like the attention right where it belongs, on us, and a shortcut to getting that attention is a sexy slit to the navel top that reveals only what we want it to reveal: our charming personalities. And torsos.
Less endowed Bridezillas love this tape for its ability to keep strapless dresses in place; we’ve found that it works for everything from J-Lo style statements to demure strapless looks. But let’s not kid ourselves – right now, we’re after the dress under the cut…

Jean-Paul Gaultier, only you could create something equal parts black widow and Hollywood glam. Somehow the neck tie adds an aura of respectability that makes this dress fit anyone from a schoolteacher letting her hair down to a bona-fide Bridezilla crushing boys beneath her spike heel. We do love versatility! And nipple tape! Oh, we mean “fashion tape.”

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