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Top 10 Honeymoon Spots

Pool and Palms - Desroches Island

Posted on 20. Feb, 2013 by .

TweetYour honeymoon is a once-in-lifetime vacation, and while some brides might be happy to just flop down in the sun next to some pool, you have an opportunity to enjoy incredible experiences, people, and destinations that will make your honeymoon so much more memorable. Michael Cottam created TheBigDay honeymoon registry website in 2001; today, he’s […]

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Guest Post – Organizing Your Wedding: Tips for Every Culture

Indian bride signing marriage license signature

Posted on 06. Jun, 2012 by .

Tweet When you are planning your wedding, the stress can become overwhelming. Before you know it, what is supposed to be the most exciting moment of your life can become something you are actually dreading. That is why many cultures find ways to assist the bride-to-be in planning and organizing her special day — ideally, […]

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Guest Post: 4 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Hollywood wedding reception

Posted on 22. May, 2012 by .

Tweet There are a lot of traditions associated with weddings, and doubtless you’ll horrify someone if you don’t stick with at least the most common of them. Fortunately, there’s plenty of room for creativity and interest in the reception, which is much less proscribed. All you need to have a great reception is a good answer […]

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Should Your Bridal Party Go Down in History?

Bridesmaid Flyer

Posted on 30. Mar, 2012 by .

TweetWell, if it should, it could!  A major cable television network is seeking fun, outgoing bridal parties who live in the So Cal area for a crazy new series.  If you think your group fits the bill, email bridesmaidscasting@gmail.com.  Click on the flyer below for more details!

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7 Must-See Movie Wedding Catastrophes

The Graduate Final Scene

Posted on 27. Mar, 2012 by .

Tweet While wedding catastrophes are tragic in Real Life, the schadenfreude of watching another’s special day fall apart often proves irresistible.  Nuptial calamities (cummerbund malfunctions, ice statue meltdowns, drunk uncles) create incredible fodder for cinema. Below are seven of the best wedding catastrophes captured on celluloid.  To watch the scenes, click on the pictures. Enjoy! […]

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9 Brilliant Bridezilla Meltdowns

Bridezilla logo

Posted on 02. Feb, 2012 by .

Tweet If you’re on this website, you’re probably familiar with WeTV’s giant hit “Bridezillas,” or as I like to call it, “Faming of the Shrew.”  Each week a delusional trainwreck wreaks havoc on her fiancé, bridesmaids, florists, limo drivers, Mom and everyone else within her self-absorbed orb. And while newer shows like “Toddlers & Tiaras” […]

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La Vie en Photos


Posted on 12. Aug, 2011 by .


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Garden Wedding: The Ultimate Landscapes


Posted on 15. Jun, 2011 by .

Tweet Lush landscapes, vibrant colors and the scent of fresh air are quite the enticement when it comes to planning a garden party wedding.  Be it manicured to perfection, left completely au natural or sprinkled with classical or modern art, a botanical ceremony can be heaven on earth.  Find your style and create your very […]

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This Year’s Biggest Weddings (So Far)


Posted on 08. Jun, 2011 by .

Tweet At the beginning of the year we put together a series, This Year’s Biggest Weddings Part I and Part II, on the celeb engagements that would likely turn into mammoth weddings this year.  Of the 16 couples profiled, four have danced down the aisle.  Can you guess which couples?

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This Year’s Biggest Weddings (Part II)


Posted on 08. Jan, 2011 by .

TweetThere were so many engagements within the celebrity world last year that we needed a two-part post to cover just some of them.  Part I covered some of the more, shall we say regal, engagements.  Part II takes on a few of our favorite tabloid darlings to help spice things up.  Again, for clarification, these […]

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