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Bridezilla Dishes About New Set Your Table Tool


Posted on 25. Feb, 2009 by .

TweetOur friends at Bloomingdale’s and just dished out the coolest table setting tool. If you ever went to a dinner party and drooled not over the food, but for the silverware, try out the Set the Table Tool. It’s incredible. These are not your mother’s china patterns. You can mix and match dinner plates, […]

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Bridezilla Site of the Day: Bridal Guide

Posted on 06. Nov, 2007 by .

TweetNeed a break from The Knot Mafia? So does Bridezilla! For all-encompassing wedding advice minus the industrial feel, we like the newly launched Bridal Guide. Bridezilla is a modern woman from fashion to gadgets, and the techzilla in us fully embraces the Technorati-style tagging system that makes up the main search method of Bridal Guide. […]

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Bridezilla Presents The Sexiest Technology For Your Back Pocket


Posted on 13. Sep, 2007 by .

Tweet We may be Bridezillas, but we’re obviously bloggers, too – and life on the internet means an awareness of the latest technology, if nothing else. In between obsessively refreshing for the latest Fashion Week developments, we occasionally try to get out of the Bridezilla compound to get some fresh air, but we’re never […]

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The Finer Things in Life: Reinventing The Mall


Posted on 24. Aug, 2007 by .

Tweet Destination weddings? Absolutely, if they come along with destination shopping. Suburban malls start to lose their luster once you’ve been exposed to the dizzying high of a cluster of designer boutiques within strolling distance of each other. Carry salts for fainting spells and sacks and sacks of money, and read on…

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How to make a French Spiral Bouquet

Posted on 15. Aug, 2007 by .

TweetToday’s lesson in The Bridezilla Finishing School features the fine art of flower-arranging. Flower arranging is a great way to bring beauty to your wedding and surrounding festivities,and honestly, what could help blow off wedding steam better than burying your hands in roses and lillies? But since this is, we wouldn’t settle for just […]

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Wedding Website of the Week: Lips and Locks


Posted on 21. Jun, 2007 by .

TweetIf you need a wedding stylist-or just a pleasant work diversion- spend some time perusing our favorite new site Lips and Locks. Stylist Sheree Pouls cut her creative teeth styling for fashion royalty like Carolina Herrera and Chanel, so we’re pretty sure she knows her way around a chignon. Click here to see her […]

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The Most Bridal USB Flash Drive Ever!


Posted on 12. Jun, 2007 by .

TweetFrom china saucers to diamond solitaires, it’s no secret that Bridezillas adore gleaming elegance in all forms, so why should our USB drives be any exception? USB drives are a must for modern marriage research, and the Transcend Jet Flash V90 is the perfect wedding planning companion. The gorgeous mother of pearl casing contains no […]

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Top Ten Things Every Bridezilla Needs-#5


Posted on 05. Apr, 2007 by .

TweetBridezilla Must-Have #5 A Blue Tooth Headset. We at bridezilla believe in grabbing technology by the ear and making it our minion. The Blue Tooth headset is no exception. These things are amazing! Bridezillas everywhere, invest in one and keep your hands free for latte sipping, wedding catalog browsing, and driving while doing your makeup, […]

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Bridezilla Breathalizer: Best Bachelorette Party Favor Ever


Posted on 28. Mar, 2007 by .

TweetMake bellinis, not bail! This ingenious combination key chain breathalizer and parking meter timer is the ultimate bachelorette party accessory! Swarovski- encrusted bridal propaganda and phallic outerwear are fun, but this accessory just debuted as the new bachelorette party essential. With this clever device alerting you when its time to feed the meter, you and […]

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